Monthly Archives: May 2013

On a journey to…

I suppose this is a journey to self-discovery and growth. I have neverĀ done anything like this before! There hasn’t been a moment in my life where I have gone away to a place where I don’t know anyone. I’ve always lived in a small town and even when I left for college I knew some of the people when I began Saint Mary’s College. It is comforting knowing you’ll be seeing familiar faces, but this summer I will not. No one is going to know what I have done or what to expect from me, and it’ll be the same for me. I’m sort of nervous for that, yet excited at the same time. It will be fun getting to tell people my story, or at least part of it. And I’m excited to hear everyone’s else’s story as well. The relationships I make with people are very important to me; I value my friends and family so much. I hope that this summer I get to make connections with various people and that after my stay in Colorado I will be able to look back to this summer and say I met people I will always stay in contact with. I’m pretty sure that will happen, so my next goal for this summer is to make a real difference. My first year at Saint Mary’s I was concentrated in adjusting to college, but I knew I was missing something. This year, my sophomore year, I decided I wanted to be more involved within the Saint Mary’s community, but also outside of it. It wasn’t so hard to get involved, especially working in CILSA (the Catholic Institute for Lasallian Social Action). Ever since I can remember I’ve liked helping people, in any way possible, so I will continue doing that throughout this summer and beyond. I hope that my skills will be useful and that I learn to do more. I am so grateful to be part of this great program even though I know it won’t be easy being so far from my loved ones. I am just glad I will have this opportunity that doesn’t come along so easily. I am glad that a few days from today I will be in the beautiful state of Colorado with a new family and the Loretto Community, as well as the Catholic Worker community in Denver!