Time Flies, but Connections Remain

17 Jul

So my blog tutorials went well. It was difficult trying to figure out how we were going to stream video (through webcam) while showing a PowerPoint and having everyone see exactly what I was talking about, but we managed. We shared screens and showed the PowerPoint side by side with the browser opened to WordPress. By the end of the tutorial I had people asking if I had considered becoming a teacher! One of my older sisters is teacher (high school Spanish) and from the things I’ve heard, I’d pass on that offer. I think it’s a great profession that is underpaid, but I don’t think I could do it! If I ever did teach I think I could only do Special Ed, I have this inclination towards children with disabilities.

Anyway, at Loretto I’ve also been working on editing the videos of the women I interviewed. It is a very long process! Natalie (my supervisor at Loretto) told me I could just edit some parts, but I’m sort of a perfectionist and don’t want to leave it like that. I’ve also been working with another summer intern named Alex. It has been different trying to work with someone who isn’t at arms reach (he’s working with us from CA). I’ve only met him through webcam, but that’s alright because he’s extra help. Next week we are to have a mini seminar to talk about our experience at Loretto…me in person and him through webcam.

Over the past month and a half it has been a totally different experience at Loretto and the Catholic Worker. It’s been neat seeing how the Loretto center works in contrast with the Catholic Worker. There is so much more structure at Loretto and I pretty much know what to expect everyday. At the Worker sometimes it is slow and all I end up doing is cleaning and talking to people, but other times I meet new people or get to ride around the city with Marcus delivering extra food to others who might need it like we did Monday. Being at those two places constantly, I’ve also seen some conflict. I’m SO glad I haven’t had any conflict with anyone and I’m pretty sure I won’t by the end of this fellowship. It has been interesting to see how people handle the conflict, and it has prepared me for what is to come once I go out to the workforce I guess. I know I won’t luck out the rest of my life like I have this summer. I know that I won’t always have good relationships with my coworkers and supervisors (even though I wish I could!). I don’t want to make it seem like there’s always drama, but I will say having to live and work with people in community could get very stressful.

I’m glad I have the weekends off, which means that I can do whatever I want. Usually I just go wherever Kristin and Steven go since they always invite me to go with them, but this weekend they weren’t around. I was just at the house on Saturday, but Sunday I had plans to go to Denver. Anna (Loretto sister who lives at the Catholic Worker) invited me to a speaker at noon. I ended up going to church with her before too. It was a beautiful church ran by Dominican brothers and they were so nice, I got applause for being there for the first time AND a bookmark with St. Dominic. I really liked what the priest talked about, he explained the reading about the good Samaritan with funny stories that made complete sense. After mass Anna introduced me to one of the Brothers that she knew and we had a short conversation..he actually knew where Saint Mary’s College was!

After mass, we went back to the Worker and then went to see the daughter of Ben Salmon who was a Catholic pacifist from Denver (he is in the process of being canonized, meaning close to becoming a saint). He was the first Catholic to oppose the just war theory. His daughter was elderly and couldn’t quite remember everything, but what I got from her speech was that her mother was very protective of them and didn’t want them to be involved in what her father was even though she agreed with what he was doing. She talked of how she didn’t really know what her father had done in his lifetime until after her mother died. It was great learning about him from someone who was very close to him.

And then later that day I went to a Black Arts Festival in Denver with Kristen and Marcus. It was nice to just walk around, sit down and enjoy the day. Since I go to the Worker on Mondays I spent the night there. After closing the house Kristen, Marcus and I went dumpstering..or dumpster diving, whatever you want to call it. It was my first time going and I was kind of excited for the things we would find. So much food is wasted everywhere in the U.S. it is ridiculous! We rescued some of it that night!

Today as I was sitting in the living room talking to the woman who took me downtown a couple weeks ago, I told her of how I have 10 days left here in Colorado. She asked me what I’ve learned this summer. I just responded jokingly “life sucks” and she laughed and said I probably already knew that before I got here. We started talking about other things after so I never got to really say what I’ve learned. I’ve learned so much, but I guess I have discovered that anyone could have something in common with you. I’m not just talking about similar food preferences or favorite color, but similar passions or views. I’ve also seen how you really don’t need a wealth to live a happy life. Being in good company can brighten anyone’s day!

Marcus, Kristen and I at the Black Arts Festival in Denver

Marcus, Kristen and I at the Black Arts Festival in Denver

Flowers at the Denver Botanic Gardens

Flowers at the Denver Botanic Gardens

Sister Natalie as we were walking out of the Denver Botanic Gardens

Sister Natalie as we were walking out of the Denver Botanic Gardens

A guest at the Denver Catholic Worker house with the house dog on her lap

A guest at the Denver Catholic Worker house with the house dog on her lap




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