First Impressions

05 Jun

Denver is such a beautiful city. I fell in love the moment I saw the mountains that stand tall in the horizon. Denver is a very outdoor-sy place with many active things to do. Throughout my initial interactions, I’ve found that many people in Denver aren’t actually originially from Denver, but many move to the area for its great location, weather, work, and social living.

This experience is allowing me to grow more as an individual. Being on my own in a new city definitely presents its challenges, but I am stretching beyond my comfort levels a little bit each day. The work place setting is definitely new and contrasting to the academic school setting. I am still adjusting.

In the weeks to come, I hope to learn more about the city of Denver. I hope that my involvement with the American Red Cross will create more experiences for me in the different kinds of service that Red Cross provides. I’ve learned a lot about the different kinds of service and professionalism that Red Cross provides. Youth engagement sets up the foundation for the future of service and the next generation of volunteers.

I’m living with a conflict of simplicity due to a contrast in my living community and my work place. I’m a fairly simple living person, but I’ve been given the opportunity to spend a summer in a wonderful living situation. My commute to work and work situation definitely gives me a different perspective of how common citizens of Denver work and live in community.


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