The Mission of Bayside Community Center

09 Jun


To empowers our diverse community to improve its quality of life through services, education, and advocacy.


A city where every neighborhood has access to abundant resources that promote community connection and economic self-sufficiency, expand educational and cultural opportunities; and facilitate healthy living and general well-being.


Collaboration, Compassion, Excellence, Inclusiveness, Integrity, Respect, Trust


My specific role at Bayside deals mostly with the education aspect of the community center’s mission. I have enjoyed working with the students and getting to better know their parents. Something that is challenging is switching over to the new Common Core and learning to teach to new standards. I have been researching in my prep-period what is different from the old standards to the new implementation this fall. Basically, the Common Core asks for more critical thinking and calls for more cross-curricular connections to be made.

In the coming weeks I hope to learn more about Linda Vista. I was kindly taken on a tour of Linda Vista today by the USD staff that helps find volunteers to help out at the Academic Club. I also would like to focus on teaching more to the new Common Core and create some fun literacy activities that complement the new standards.


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