Montgomery Middle School Academic Exhibition

08 Jul

This morning, a few coworkers and I went over to Montgomery Middle School just down the road from Bayside Community Center to listen to and give feedback on the 8th graders “All About Me” projects. I listened to 10 presentations, where each student talked about who inspired them, what classes they took this year, where they were going to high school, and their life goals. I was soooo impressed! All of the students were taking Project Lead the Way courses in robotics, engineering, and architecture. I wished I had those programs at my middle school! Every student was a first generation American, with their parents either from Mexico or Vietnam. All students said that their parents inspired them to focus on education and the opportunity it can provide them. Overall, I was so glad I could better get to know the middle schoolers of Linda Vista; many had come from Kit Carson Elementary, where I currently work.

At the end of the presentations, the students were able to ask me questions about high school and college. It was fun giving advice to some incoming freshman… Although I felt pretty old when I discovered that all of them were born in 2000!


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